What an amazing day! With around 40 volunteers attending the service event plus a couple separate birthdays groups (above the 40), an amazing 11,232 meals were packed!!! Now that will have an impact on people’s lives. Thank you Rotarians and friends of Rotary!

Fremont Bridge Rotary members with the help of other Rotarians (John Dutra from Niles, Several members and family members from Silicon Valley Andhra and Sandy Stabile from the Silicon Valley eClub) all came together to pack food for the hungry with Kids Against Hunger (www.kahbayarea.org). Over 11,231 people will be fed just because of the work done on this day. 

Rotary is all about brining people together – “bridging” the gap between cultures, peoples, beliefs, races and bonding together while having fun doing something meaningful to support our local and global community. To learn more, come check us out at www.FremontBridgeRotary.org.

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