Fremont Bridge Rotary may be small and new, but clearly we have influence. We had 50+ volunteers at this event and the participation of several other community organizations and schools (Irvington High & Ohlone College). We plan to plant more trees soon, contact us to get involved.

Saturday, October 19th bright and early at 7am, the meaning of the Fremont Bridge Rotary Club literally came to life. Bridging many organizations: Mind & Body Zone members, the Boy Scouts of America, Ohlone college, high school students from Irvington & Robertson High, Mission San Jose Rotary, Niles Rotary, Rotoractors, Toastmasters, TriCity Urban Forest Alliance and finally city of Fremont staff and employees, the Fremont Bridge Rotary Club brought together people to plant 25 oak trees in the Northgate community park. Over 50 people were involved in this project and 25 oak trees were planted : 7 Blue Oaks, 10 Live Oaks, and 8 Red Oaks. It was an early chilly start but people came anyhow. Clearly there are people that want to make their communities better and they come from all walks of life. A big thank you to Kit Jory, City Urban Forester, and Luanne Lam, Customer Support Specialist from the City of Fremont Parks Planning & Design Division . Boots on the ground to help our volunteers get the trees planted were Raymond Fernandez, Javier Contreras, and Gabriel Bedolla from city parks department. A huge thank you to these guys. We also want to thank Teresa Keng, Fremont city council member District 1 for showing up to support as well. Also, on Friday in preparation, Allen Ehlers of ‘Lawns by AJ’ and Wally Smith helped us handle the Toro ditch witch we rented from Cresco Rentals (they gave a 10% discount) as we dug 25 holes with the 18 inch auger 2 feet deep each. That saved some serious time and our backs. 

Here AJ is having too much fun – Boys and their Toys – he didn’t give it up all day! Thanks for all your help AJ!

We truly want to thank the many generous individual non Rotarian donors that donated directly with checks as well as those that supported this project with Jamba Juice card purchases, both Rotarians and non Rotarians. 

We also thank the Rotoractor Club of Greater Fremont (William Tsu, President) for showing up and helping both with the fundraiser and the project itself. 

Here one of the leaders from the TriCity Urban Forest Alliance is showing others how to separate out the roots of the Oak Tree so it has a better chance of “taking root” and surviving. Rotoractors from Club of Greater Fremont were anxiously waiting when they could get their hands dirty and plant some trees! Thanks to everyone!

As a new and active weekend Rotary club we want communities, clubs, organizations, schools and volunteer organizations to come together and serve the community our local community and give back. “Lets Hurry and Serve” is this years motto at Fremont Bridge Rotary Club. 

As this project brought together so many people in Fremont, it was a great success. We look forward to organizing another project to plant more trees shortly. If you want to be involved, please reach out to our club President, Geeta Kadambi at [email protected]

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