Today was a good day. Rotarians helped out at the Islamic Center of Fremont at the Salaam Food Pantry that is run by Naseer Irfan and his wife Samreen Suleman with the help of many youth and adults from the Islamic Center feed any and everyone that comes on the 4th Saturday of each month. Rotarians from the Fremont Bridge Rotary Club (Geeta Kadambi, Linea McPherson, Tejinder Dhami, Raji Nagarkar & Paul Andrus) as well as the Silicon Valley eClub (Ferheen Abbasi) had fun in serving with our friends from the Islamic Center of Fremont today, Saturday February 22nd, 2020 from 8:30am to around 12:30pm. More than 100+ people from the community were served of various ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. We as Rotarians were happy to be involved in the good work the Islamic Center of Fremont does for the community. We plan to help serve again in April during the month of Ramadan. Please contact us if you would like to be involved the next time around!

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