Here you can see the partnership of ShelterBox and Rotary International as the two organizations serve jointly around the globe. When serving in conflict areas where refugees would be punished for accepting Western Aid (i.e. Africa near Boko Haram controlled areas), the logos are removed and a different type of tent and supplies are used for their safety.

We are thankful that Jim Carriere, Vice President of First Federal Savings of San Rafael, Rotarian and leader for ShelterBox as a volunteer, came and presented to us all that ShelterBox is doing in the world during these particularly turbulent times. They were catapulted into massive responses with the Earthquake in Haiti in . You can read up on all the locations they are serving around the world HERE and if you decide you want to support them you can DONATE. We have recorded our Rotary meeting above on YouTube. You can learn more about our club by watching the first half, but if you just want to see the part where Jim presents about ShelterBox you can skip to minute 25:00.

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