We had a great meeting speaking with a Tesla employee about the exciting things Tesla has done recently and their wild fire growth. We thank Tesla for giving this presentation via Zoom even though there is a lot going on with COVID-19 and allowing our club members to engage with the company which is local to our community.

We also want to thank Tyler Lutz in sharing with us about his work with the charity RiceUp and what they are doing to support rice farmers in the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and soon to be India. In a nut shell, they help farmer gain access and education to financial tools to form a coop to better stabilize their sale price of their rice (prevent middleman from taking advantage of them one by one). It has been successful and thousands have benefited.

And if Tyler is not busy enough, he is also actively involved in helping legislation take place in Ohio and soon to be other states where restrooms for disabled adults will be made accessible in businesses and in public. This project was taken on by a high school class that saw the need for this when their teacher had to change her adult son in the car because there were no public or business restrooms where she could change him in dignity. It is called “Restrooms for the Rest of Us”.

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